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15 Tips for New Employees

1. Don’t be a know-it-all
By jumping into things, older and more experienced colleagues will perceive you as arrogant and you could lose your respect.

2. Appreciate others
Saying “thank you” to your boss and other colleagues for their help and guidance will have long-term positive effects.

3. Give in something extra
Volunteer for extra tasks and assignments to show your commitment, loyalty and diligence.

4. Listen before you speak
Try to understand and grasp every piece of information and make sure you understand everything before you give in your contributions.

5. Understand the culture of the organization
Observe how people interact with others and how things are done. Find out who is most admired and/or most influential and why.

6. Learn more about yourself
Your first job gives you a chance to figure out what you are best at and what kind of work you enjoy the most.

7. Take time out for developing new skills
Look out for opportunities of career development within and outside the organization and acquire new skills for your professional growth.

8. Dress professionally
Observe how people are generally dressed in the organization and follow that dress code.

9. Don’t feel shy to ask questions
The embarrassment will be much more if you end up messing up your work because you did not take clear instructions. So ask questions and take down notes.

10. Be punctual
Never be late for work and keep a good attendance. Try to come in before the official work time and stay a little late.

11. Stay away from office gossip
Don’t get involved in the office politics and gossip. This is especially important in the first few months.

12. Get involved in the informal events
Joining the sports club or other social events organized by the firm will give you a chance to develop cordial relationships with your co-workers.

13. Keep your boss informed
Give your boss updates of all your activities at work. This will increase your reliability and will show how responsible you are.

4. Remember people’s names
As soon as possible try to remember names of people you come into contact with.

15. Don’t complain or criticize
You might not be happy with the entire management system but wait before you start to give suggestions.

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