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Cover Letters

Cover Letter Outline

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Dear (Ms. or Mr.) Hiring:
Your opening paragraph should arouse interest on the part of the reader. Tell the employer why you are writing the letter. Do not say in the first paragraph that you are looking for a job. Give information to show your specific interest in the company.
Your middle paragraphs should create desire. Give details of your background that will show the reader why one should consider you as a candidate. Be as specific as possible about the kind of a job you want. Don't make the reader try to guess what you would be interested in.
Refer the reader to your general qualifications on your enclosed resume or other material. Use as much space as you need to tell your story but keep it brief and to the point.
In your closing paragraph you ask for action. Ask for an appointment suggesting a time when you will contact the individual. You may now list your dates of availability.

Sincerely yours,
[Your Signature]
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Sample Cover Letter

House#cb-09 Dhoke Syedan
January 25, 2009

Engr. Muhammad Shoaib
SK Designer
Islamabad, Pak. 44000

Dear Engr. Shoaib:
I am presently a Cooperative Education student in the Punjab University Hellay College of Commerce. I have had experiences in programming in Pascal, FORTRAN, "C" language and am familiar with the DEC-VAX System. As a native of Pakistan, I know that my language skills would prove useful to your company. I would be most interested in obtaining a cooperative education assignment with Punjab University for the summer and fall 2005.
I am currently completing a course in computer electronics and am working on a project revising a system for radio communications. Additionally, I am working at a local Radio Shack franchise selling electronic equipment. As you can see, my course work and experience would be appropriate in your environment.
My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration. I will telephone you during the week of June 3rd to discuss the possibility of setting up an interview. I will be available for full-time cooperative education employment from June 25, 2005 through December 31, 2005.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Sincerely yours,
[Signature] Asim Khan.


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