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Sunday, 16 June 2013

How to Treat Blepharitis (Causes, Sings, Treatment and Precautions)
9 June 2012Health Tips, New, Treating Diseases


This post has information about Blepharitis and some tips and precautions to treat the Blepharitis.

What is Blepharitis?
While talking about Blepharitis,
the question arises is that what is it?
In life, Man has to suffer from many diseases.
Blepharitis is also one of these.

Blepharitis is a skin infection that is occurred and affect eyelids.
Blepharitis can also be defined as an inflammation of eyelids.
In some cases, it also causes problem in looking with your eyes.

This article will help you understanding and treating Blepharitis.

Causes of Blepharitis
There are two basic causes of Blepharitis as given below:
1. This infection is usually caused by excess of bacteria (a type of germ) on eyelids
2. It is caused by some problem in oil gland of eyelids.

Sings of Blepharitis
Some of its signs are:

1. Burning of eyelids.
2. Itchy eyelids.
3. Excess of tears.
4. Dryness of eyes.
5. Eyelids redness.
6. Eye redness.
7. Abnormal growth of eyelashes.
8. Lid Flaking on skin.
9. Crusting of eyelids.
10. Light sensitivity.

How to treate Blepharitis?

There are many medicines available in market for treatment of Blepharitis,
but some general tips and precautions are given below:

1. Wash a cloth with how water and compress lids with it two to four times a day.
This is used to soften the lid and oil.

2. After giving hot water compresses, take a drop of antibiotic in some water and soak a moist cotton bud in it. Rub along the lid margins while tilting the lid outwards (It should be done in front of a mirror).

3. Use a lid-cleaning solution to prevent lids from harmful things like dust in the environment.

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